Red Dye Study on Rogue River

Red RiverGOLD HILL, Ore. — The Rogue turned red on Wednesday as a study was done by Medford Public Works. By the afternoon, some down river say they haven’t noticed a difference. Medford Public Works officials say this is the first time the river has been dyed since 1990.

Fifteen gallons of a non-toxic dye went into the Rogue River at the Medford Waste Water Treatment Facility as part of a “mixing” study to see how water leaving the facility mixes with water from the Rogue.

The study was done as part of the reapplication process for a permit from the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System, part of the Clean Water Act. A few hours later down river, fisherman john Selk said he had been out for a few hours and hadn’t noticed anything unusual.

“It’s been a real pretty day, I haven’t caught anything and I haven’t seen any red go through so actually it’s just been more or less therapy,” said fishing on the Rogue John Selk.

The dye was just a part of the study which also included divers observing the out flow from the facility. Medford Public Works officials say it’s unknown the next time a mixing study like this one will need to be done.