Red Cross Volunteers to Help Washington

washington lanslide

Landslide aftermath in Snohomish County, Washington

MEDFORD, Ore. — Volunteers from Southern Oregon have arrived in Washington to help those impacted by the landslide in Oso.

Two volunteers from Klamath Falls and one from Grants Pass have been sent after the Southern Oregon Red Cross was contacted by Washington officials. One of those volunteers will be doing client case work while the others will be there for bulk distribution for those displaced.

Red Cross officials say the volunteers come back with valuable experience from the disasters, which can be applied should a similar event happen in Southern Oregon.

“Be able to deploy to be able to go out and help at other, larger, national disasters. When we deploy, it helps to bring that experience back so if something were to happen in southern Oregon, we’re even better trained,” said Disaster Program Manager Michelle Taylor.

In total, about 100 volunteers have been sent by the Red Cross, including 18 from Oregon.