Red Cross Volunteers Return from Academy

Red Cross VolunteersMEDFORD, Ore. — Several Red Cross volunteers are back in Southern Oregon after learning how to respond during a disaster.

From fires, to earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornados; whether they happen in Southern Oregon, or across the country, Red Cross volunteers say they need to know how to respond quickly during an emergency, in order to provide help to the victims and the community.

Seven local volunteers attended the Red Cross disaster academy in Salem this weekend. They joined other team members from across Oregon.

The groups were taught how to handle events with mass casualties, how to attend to victims during a disaster, and how to manage resources like coordinating shelter and food. They said it was a chance to share techniques and experience from different parts of Oregon.

“It was such an excellent opportunity since the training is offered at different times throughout the state, and to be able to go and do it in one weekend, get that kind of training. And also network with other Red Cross volunteers,” said Red Cross volunteer Robert Petetit.

Last year, local volunteers and resources, including a disaster responded vehicle were sent to the east coach to help victims of Hurricane Sandy.