Red Cross Scouting Greensprings Shelters

8-4 red crossNEAR ASHLAND, Ore. – Red Cross volunteers are posting up in the Greensprings area to advise residents for possible evacuation, and to scope out shelters.

Two volunteers were called out to the area near the Greensprings Inn Monday morning in response to the growing threat of the Oregon Gulch fire.

In addition to setting up an information booth at the inn, they say they also have several evacuation shelters in mind in case things get worse.

“We have a list of facilities already, and so what we’re doing right now is just driving to the facilities and doing a recheck of the facilities just to make sure that it meets the criteria,” said volunteer Wendy Larue.

Larue says they’re looking at multiple shelters to see which ones are the most suitable. All can be set up in extremely short notice if necessary.

Red Cross volunteers will continue to operate in the Greensprings, Keno, and Ashland areas on an on-call basis.

They advise all residents to have their cars packed, full of gas, and parked facing out of the driveway. They also advise to have an out-of-area contact to rely upon if needed.