Recyclers Gather Pounds of Plastic

JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — This weekend marked the end of  Jackson County’s Plastic Round-Up. At two separate locations, officials gathered items that are not normally accepted in the red recycling carts.

According to sponsors, residents brought in 60,000 pounds of plastics during the event last year. Sponsors said this number represents a 37.9% increase since 2008 when 43,500 pounds were recycled.

The Plastic Round-Up is co-sponsored by the Jackson County Recycling Partnership, the Jackson County Master Recyclers, Jackson County SMARTWorks, Recology Ashland Sanitary Service and Rogue Disposal & Recycling. “We have to truck it out of the area and then they process everything. There’s a lot of hand sorting that has to be done. It’s a real labor intensive process to recycle this plastic, so we’re lucky we have the opportunity to do it,” said Denise Barnes, an event participant.