Recount For Josephine County Election

GRANTS PASS, Ore. – The recount is underway in Josephine County to verify whether Cheryl Walker is actually the winner over Bob Just for County Commissioner.

The final count put Walker ahead by 62 votes, but that’s less than one-fifth of one percent of the vote, so state law requires every ballot be counted again by hand; that count started Tuesday morning.

“A recount is a double check. It’s making sure the machine counted the way it was supposed to,” explained the Josephine County Clerk, Art Harvey. “What is very typical in a recount is both candidates will gain 2 or 3 votes, due to the way the ballot was marked, but the change is usually very insignificant.”

Harvey says there are about 40,000 ballots that are being sorted and recounted. More than 20 workers are on the project, which should last all day and will cost the county $3,000 or more to perform.