Record Number of Students For Medford

MEDFORD, Ore. – The Medford School District says it will have record enrollment this year. More than 13,000 students are hitting the books at Medford Elementary, Middle and High Schools.

There are about 500 more students enrolled right now as there were at this time last year. These numbers are a change from the past 5 years when enrollment was on the decline.

“By adding a couple of selections with specific assignments that will help reduce some of those class sizes, so we’re trying to keep within our target population; it’s still going to be tight, we’re on a budget like everybody else these days, but it’s going to be a great year,” said Todd Bloomquist, with the Medford School District

The school district says a spike in kindergartners led them to add 4 kindergarten classes. The Medford School District says the increased enrollment means the state will send the district more money this year.