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Grants Pass filled with smoke

MEDFORD, Ore. — Large shipments of masks are now arriving in Southern Oregon, after many stores sold out earlier this week and it’s important to know what type of masks health experts recommend.

The type of mask that has the most benefit is called a particulate respirator. Experts say they should be certified and have either N-95 or P-100 printed on them, regular dust masks do not offer the same protection. Even so, N-95 or P-100 masks will still only protect you from the larger particulates, not all of them.

Thursday the American Red Cross handed out masks for free at the Josephine County Fairgrounds on a first come, first serve basis and now other organizations are distributing the masks.

Advanced Respiratory Diagnostic Services is temporarily selling adult masks for $8 each and small masks (for children and those with smaller faces) for $3. Of those purchased, $1 per mask will go towards local fire fighter relief funds. They are accepting cash or check only and can be picked up at 724 S. Central Ave in Medford. The suite number is 114.


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  1. Kristina says:

    $8 each is crazy. They normally sell for no more then $3/4 at the most.

  2. Dustin says:

    Its all about supply and demand.

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