Recent Rescue Raises Survival Awareness

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ASHLAND, Ore. — A man is found alive days after crashing his car near Mt. Ashland and it has others planning what they would need to survive a similar situation.

52-year-old Kurt Liska was stranded for three days when his car crashed down an embankment near a Forest Service road on Mt. Ashland. He was eventually rescued when a Forest Service worker heard him call for help. Other people stranded in remote areas might not be as lucky, so people are recommending carrying important items that could keep you safe until help arrives.

The Ashland Outdoor Store says some of the most important items are a first aid kit, and plenty of water. They say it’s important to be able to treat any injuries from a crash or other accident and with the intense heat in the rogue valley during the summer, having plenty of water will help people stave off dehydration.

Managers at the store also recommend important items like a flashlight and matches and even during summer months, they also suggest carrying blankets or warm clothing, in case of low nighttime temperatures. Officials say they also recommend telling people the route you are traveling on, which will help search crews locate you if you are stranded.