Recall on Klamath County Commissioner

KLAMATH FALLS, Ore. — The announcement over the weekend that a Merrill woman is leading a recall against Klamath County Commissioner Dennis Linthicum brought responses from the board of commissioners on Tuesday.

In a news release, Sherri Biggs says she was frustrated with dealing with the board of commissioners. Since Linthicum is the only member of the board who has served long enough to be recalled, he’s the target for now.

She says Commissioners Tom Mallams and Jim Bellet will be named later. They say they are willing to discuss concerns with those who are upset.

“I encourage them to come and talk to us, individually, and don’t be part of the problem,” said Commissioner Bellet.

“We don’t have a proprietary relationship with various departments. We do not have any closed door policy with regard to the public at large,” said Dennis Linthicum.

A group called “Voters for Fiscal Responsibility” has until August 7th to gather nearly signatures from nearly 3,500 registered voters to force a recall election.

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  1. Gene Raf says:

    “My opinion” is that we now have the best set of Commissioners in my 20 plus years of living here. One has to get used to the idea that you cannot please all the people all the time and I find it refreshing that our Commissioners speak their minds – even it offends a few people. Everyone in the County kew that each Commissioner was opposed to the KBRA among other things,ye, they were elected by a fair majority. Now, allow them to do their jobs for the term to which they were elected.

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