Recall Effort to Begin Wednesday

11-5 rob webGRANTS PASS, Ore. — One activist who has been vocal in his opposition to this November’s ballot measures was excited both that the measures were defeated, but also because it was a landslide which he said sends a loud and clear message. This might just be the beginning.

An effort to have a total recall of the Josephine County Commissioners is said to begin Wednesday. Public activist and critic of the commissioners, Dale Matthews said a petition will begin and hopefully be completed by May for the recall.

Matthews said the recall isn’t just because he disagrees with their ideas.

“Because they weren’t honest with us in the process, and you can put up with politicians that come up with bad ideas — where are you going to find any other kind of politician — what you can’t do is put up with politicians who  are going to try and pull the wool over your eyes,” said Matthews.

Among the issues against the commissioners Matthews highlighted was a battle over a voter’s pamphlet for Tuesday’s election.

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  1. Matthew A. Eldridge says:

    Dear Dale and your Friends,

    As citizens that claim to be concerned about government spending, I am amazed that your group would be in the recall efforts but am not politically stupid in thinking it is not expected. That said, I agree that the four Measures seemed to be over-reaching on behalf of government. At the same time, at least two of the Josephine County Commissioners are genuinely (my opinion based on what I see) concerned about the state of the County.

    It would be nice if you and your group would understand that working to solve our County’s fiscal crisis would be a better use of time. I would invite you and your group to focus energy on making a positive difference instead of trying to divide. At the same time, I am certain my comments will not be universally well received, nonetheless, when I know that a group of people claim to be concerned about the money being spent in government, it would seem to me that this group would understand that recall elections cost money.

    Publishing the Voters’ Pamphlet should NOT have been a debate. In fact, I would support the effort to ensure we NEVER have this debate again! I have been campaigning for a lasting solution to our County’s fiscal crisis but I would argue publishing this document is just as important as holding the elections. So, please understand, I don’t have complete opposition to you or your group’s ideas, instead, I believe focusing our energy on making a positive difference is the right thing to do.

    Hope to engage in a lasting/long-term conversation to make a difference in Jo-Co future!

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