Recall Effort Against School Board

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A group files to recall multiple Medford School Board members because of the lack of resolution in the teachers strike. A school board member says she’s had picketers outside her home this week.

Sally Killen was a teacher for 36 years in the Medford School District. She says she was a member of the union during that time, and now she’s on the school board…facing threats of recall. Despite that, she says her job description is more important to her now rather than friendships.

“A board member has to look at the bigger picture,” Killen says. “The board member has to look at not only teachers, but the classified, the confidential, the students, the parents, the community, the tax payers. The board has to have a long-term vision for the district.”

County documents show a group filed paperwork to move toward recalling four of the Medford School Board members. The group would have to collect more than 4,500 signatures to force the election recall.

The filings say Sally Killen, Jeff Thomas, Kim Wallan and Marlene Yesquen are, “Failing to comply with the board’s own mission and goals, conducting executive sessions rather than open public meetings, failing to honor legal agreements, imposing a contract without teachers’ ratification, making misleading statement regarding contract negotiations and ignoring public input.”


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  1. kristen robinson says:

    A board member has to do what is best for the district Sally not one’s personal agenda!

  2. dan says:

    after watching the actions of these so called “teachers” maybe its best if they stay on strike for ever, there are plenty of good teachers that would love to make what they already make.
    and as far as these kids skipping school that’s fine, they can spend this summer making up classes while every one else moves on.

    1. Heather says:

      Dan, why don’t you try spending a day or two in the classroom – I’m guessing you’d change your tune pretty quickly.
      And perhaps having a little information before making those statements is in order. Take a look at the “actions” of board members, too.

  3. too scared to print my name says:

    I just saw Phil Long describe the school district as a business. Where does that profit go? We need to IMPROVE our kids’ education, not dumb it down. Where do I sign to have the School Board recalled?

  4. Lucy says:

    Hey Sally, you sure don’t seem to mind having the health insurance until you qualify for Medicare and you didn’t mind having the district pay the 6% toward PERS and you certainly were not opposed to having prep time, were you? Practice what you preach sweet cheeks!

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