Reaction Differs On Marijuana Bill

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Statistics show 6,900 people in Jackson county are medical marijuana card holders. Only Multnomah county has more. Both local law enforcement officials and medical marijuana advocates agree dispensories would likely will lead to more card holders, but differ on if that is a positive or negative thing for the state.

Medical marijuana dispensaries are a signiture away from popping up in Oregon. House bill 3460 sits on the governor’s desk and would allow for dispensories in the state. Medford police Chief Tim George said he expects this to cause further problems in an already troubled Oregon Medical Marijuana Program.

“Make no mistake about it, it’s certainly going to change the way marijuana is handled and looked at throughout the state,” said Chief George.

Chief George makes it clear he has no problem with those who legitimately need medical marijuana but believes too many people are scamming the system.

“I as well as my law enforcement colleagues have no problem with someone who has a legitimate need for marijuana for a medical purpose. a legitimate medical purpose,” said Chief George.

Medical marijuana advocates think having dispensaries will break down a stigma for the medicine and more people may turn to it.

“More main stream folk, if you will, feel more comfortable going out and getting their card,” said CEO of Ashalnd Alternative Health Alex Rogers.

Rogers said he has no plans to open a dispensaries anytime soon of the bill is signed, however he thinks he will still feel an impact.

“It will affect my business in that patients will now have safe access to medicine and also have regulated access to medicine,” said Rogers.

Chief George said most of his concerns fall into two categories.

“You’re going to have too much marijuana on the marketplace, the rules will be so un-manned or un enforced, or for the lack of a better word, unsupervised, that you will have continued sales of marijuana and not just to card holders but to anyone,” said Chief George.


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  1. diana says:

    I think the doctors who dispense this crap…uh, excuse me, MEDICINE, need to be reevaluated by the AMA. In my personal experience druggy doctors caused much of my current disabilities. (& NO! I do not use pot!)& we are supposed to believe them when they say this stuff is needed.
    If a person is on welfare.NO pot or street drugs. If they test-& they should be tested -they need to be taken OFF welfare immediately. I can NAME people with medical cards who have nothing wrong with them but a serious lazy streak. Why enable??

    1. Smarterthanyou says:

      Get a better education fool.

      Looks like the pot is calling black in your case diana………

  2. CannabisTV says:

    Chad and Diana, you two need to educate yourselves because you sound foolish and ignorant. Cannabis is a safe and effective medicine, without all the deadly and nasty side effects of prescription pharmaceutical pills. Unlike the nasty pills, cannabis is both mild yet strong enough to ease pain including neurological pain that opioids can’t, and it’s much safer for long term use than the pills. Cannabis doesn’t kill brain cells and it’s been proven by many scientific studies to actually help PREVENT cancers from occurring.

    As far as the AMA is concerned, they have endorsed cannabis as a safe and effective medicine, and so has the National Cancer Institute (NCI), which is part of the National Institute of Health (NIH), which is part of the federal Dept. of Health and Human Services (HHS). Our own government HHS owns a patent on cannabinoids as a safe and effective treatment of neurological pain.

    Guess what Diana? You CAN’T SEE neurological pain, so how would you know who is or isn’t legitimately using cannabis? The reality is that you can’t, you can only make unfounded claims based on conjecture and personal prejudice against a plant. You say you don’t use pot but believe your current condition is based on the pills the docs gave you. Then why don’t you try something else, an alternative to those nasty pills? I think cannabis could be beneficial to you, but you must purge your ignorance and prejudice before you can do that.

    As for taking people off of welfare, that’s not logical either. Why would we take OMMP patients off of welfare but not those who test positive for prescription drugs which are worse? Why not for people that consume alcohol, an unneeded drug that kills brain cells, damages other organs, and has no medical value? The entire idea is illogical to begin with. As far as lazy people, I know many OMMP cardholders that have fulltime jobs ONLY becuase cannabis has reduced their pain enough to allow them to function properly in the day, something the pills can’t do, as I’m sure you’ve heard of people complaining about becoming a zombie after popping those nasty pills. Besides, you don’t have to use cannabis to be lazy, and using it doesn’t increase that possibility anymore than drinking alcohol can make you a lazy drunkard. It might happen to a few people, but the majority can responsibly use it.

  3. card holder says:

    I wholly agree with CTV. There are multiple ways to use pot but most people think smoking is the only way. Using it in capsule form gives much relief and NO HIGH effects so functioning for the day is wonderful! I don’t think the dispensaries will change anything with the many growers that abuse the grower cards.

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