RCC Introduces New Manufacturing Program

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WHITE CITY, Ore. – Rogue Community College is offering a new program to keep up with an upsurge of manufacturing jobs in the Rogue Valley. The RCC Industrial Technology program starts in the summer and fall of 2014, and students will be able to register starting May 27th. NewsWatch12’s Kirstin O’Connor interviewed Stephen Foster, chair of RCC’s Manufacturing Engineering Technology Department about how the program will prepare students to move directly into open positions.



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  1. Bunny Snow says:

    With the closing of Scala Electronics manufacturing plant, maybe the CEO’s of local manufacturing companies need to have a class to help them understand why shipping parts into Mexico and finished products out of Mexico, as was told in the local news paper, will put them no closer to the East coast than Oregon is? I think it is more a matter of slave labor wages. Hopefully, the jobs RCC is training people for will pay a living wage as Scala has always done, but with a willingness to stay here in the Rogue valley.

  2. Mr_Pissed says:

    That’s just it… there AREN’T any living wage jobs here. Not anymore. If there are, the only way you can get those jobs are (1) Have college degree, (2) someone retires (3) someone dies and wills the job to you.

    And what ‘upsurge’? Or let me guess… they figure an upsurge means they need a bunch of trained monkeys to push a button on a machine? And of course … for barely minimum wage.
    Hell, I seen the ads the other day asking for an ENGINEER… pay: $12/hr.

    $12/hr? Are you kidding me? Yea, show me any good-skilled engineer willing to work around here for that pathetic wage. It’s not going to happen. Double that rate and you might get a bite.

    Scala had middle and higher-class paying jobs. Among other things. Now all going the way of the doe-doe bird.
    Yep… I wonder what the wages are going to be in Mexico? Are they going to be offered health insurance as well? I would be surprised.

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