Ray’s Donations to End in Some Locations

RAYS-FOOD-PLACEGRANTS PASS, Ore. — As several Rays’ Food Place stores close across the Rogue Valley, it’s beginning to have an effect on organizations that help the hungry. The Josephine County Food Bank said those stores donated about 50,000 pounds of food each year.

Organizers of the food bank plan to work with Ray’s to help receive as many donations as they can before they close, but once those stores are gone, they are not sure where they will be able to make up the difference.

“Maybe other stores in the area that aren’t currently donating that we can approach. We’re looking at ways we can expand our fresh donation program from our farmers and growers locally,” said Sam Engel at the Josephine County Food Bank.

The Josephine County Food Bank says it also receives donations from other grocery stores like Albertsons. They said they will continue to receive donations from the Merlin and Selma stores, which will remain open.