Rains Have Minimal Affect on Wildfires

Fires & Rain

MEDFORD, Ore. — Fire crews are able to focus on the remaining wildfires in Southern Oregon now that the thunderstorm threat has diminished, but are still monitoring grounds for new sparks after the weekends storms.

Fire officials at the Oregon Department of Forestry say there is still a chance one could start up so they are taking precautions. Reconnaissance flights are being administered Monday and Tuesday to check for lightning-induced fires.

The other wildfires in Oregon continue to burn despite the rain. ODF says the rain does help ground crews by giving them a little extra help.

“This always helps out,” Caitlin Goins with ODF said. β€œIt’s nice on a local end that we got some moisture with our lightning because we never know what can happen with dry lightning but it was welcomed. As far as it affecting the fires out there burning, you know it helps but I don’t think it makes a huge difference.”

ODF says only a season-ending rain event will put an end to wildfires like the Douglas Complex, Big Windy, and the other major fires burning in Southern Oregon