Rain & Snow Today, Tapering Off Tonight

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Rain has been consistent through the morning for areas west of the Cascades. As the showers encounter the mountains they have been turning over to snow and traveling into the Klamath Basin. As the temperatures warm above freezing, a change over to rain is expected for the East Side. Widespread rain/snow activity will become more showery into midday with small breaks in cloud cover. By this evening, most of the wet weather will taper off as the system to the North continues driving inland.

Snow levels are around 5,000′ this morning and will rise to 7,000′ by this evening. Snow is on the roads at Crater Lake and a light dusting was covering Diamond Lake earlier this morning. The wet weather and cool temperatures will bring slick conditions to all areas, whether it is snowing or not, so drive carefully and be cautious of ice in the high country.

High pressure builds in for tomorrow and this will bring dry weather with afternoon sun, although clouds will still be present. Another system will move in for Thursday and this will bring more valley rain and mountain snow to the forecast area. Snow levels will drop to 4,000′ by Thursday late afternoon. Showers will continue in the mountains through early Friday morning and this could bring a light dusting to the higher passes.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese