Rain & Snow Showers Tonight

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Temperatures have changed significantly within 24 hours. Afternoon highs were only in the 50’s and 60’s. Rain and snow showers have been falling since this afternoon. Snow is accumulating near Doak Mt. and Lake of the Woods but off of pavement. As snow levels drop through the evening, this is expected to change.

With the warm ground and soil temperatures, accumulation will be difficult at lower elevations. The higher terrain will have a greater chance at seeing a coating, mainly after midnight. It looks like the passes will only see a slushy mix and a maximum of 1-2″ through the overnight hours with short duration actually on pavement. The Southern Cascades could see an additional 2-5″ tonight. Earlier this afternoon precipitation was falling in the form of snow across the Coastal Range Mountains and it’s likely this will continue tonight also.

Another band of energy is going to wrap around the closed low Wednesday morning. This will bring in widespread and heavy showers at times, especially the further west you go. Snow levels will begin to rise tomorrow to about 3,500′-4,000′. Periods of cloudiness and dry weather will occur later tomorrow. But overall the unseasonably cool and wet conditions will persist through Friday across the area, and possibly into the holiday weekend.

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Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese