Rain & Snow on the Way Beginning Tonight

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Today will be the last day of quiet weather before moisture begins streaming in from our south and west. Beginning late tonight light & scattered snow showers will start to develop over the Cascades and into the Klamath Basin. Early Thursday morning, spotty showers will also move into the Coast and West Side.  It’s hard to say what snow levels will be through the next 48 hours because there is a great deal of disagreement from one run to the next with the computer models, but it’s likely they will be around 2,000′ in the mornings to come, potentially even lower than that.

Of course the concern any time there is moisture through the overnight hours is frozen precipitation. With a new colder air mass beginning to settle into the Northwest through the coming days, temperatures are expected to remain cool and near the freezing mark for the lower elevations overnight. The computer models have had a difficult time depicting how the weather will unfold through the end of the week. Temperatures will dictate what type of precipitation we see falling across the lower elevations & a wintry mix and even snow showers are not unlikely across the West Side both Thursday and Friday morning.  It’s a tricky forecast and changes will likely come throughout today and even tomorrow concerning the end of the week & weekend.

For now, spotty showers will develop early Thursday through Friday. The potent front moving in from the West for the weekend is now pushing inland earlier, Friday night. This will bring moderate to heavy rain to the Coast and measurable rain to the West Side. Snow levels will rise as the moisture moves inland but will start off low, between 3,000′ & 4,000′ …by Saturday afternoon they’ll be above 5,000.’ Regardless this storm will bring accumulating snow to the Cascades, Mt. Ashland & Mt. Shasta Friday through Saturday.

Showers will be ongoing Sunday, but will remain widespread and heavy for Siskiyou County. I have kept rain in the forecast for Sunday for Northern California for this reason (and showers elsewhere) — of course this will be snow for Mt. Shasta. Currently, it looks like Mt. Shasta will see plenty of accumulating snow Thursday through the weekend. More details on the evolution of the next few days and snow accumulations will come with each newscast & of course updates can always be found on Facebook& Twitter. It is important to keep in mind that snow levels are subject to changing and many details of the forecast are still being determined.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese