Rain Hurts Medical Marijuana Growers

IMG_3647MEDFORD, Ore. – Medical marijuana advocates say the wet weather is creating problems for marijuana growers.

The rain and wind can destroy entire harvests, leaving many patients without medicine. It can also create mold that will ruin the plants.

Experts say most growers have two options:  either race to harvest early and risk lower medicinal quality and yield, or try to fortify the plants with netting and tarps and hope for the best.

“They can have a severe decrease in the amount of their yield,” said Keith Mansur, Editor of Cannabis Connection. “If that happens, for many patients it can be detrimental and definitely impact their lives.”

Many patients are harvesting this weekend, several weeks early for most strains.

Mansur says most patients can’t grow indoors because either landlords won’t allow it, or the cost of lighting is too expensive.