Rain-Delayed I-5 Construction Resumes

4-27 jbo i5PHOENIX, Ore. – Construction on I-5 near Phoenix has resumed after roughly a week-long delay. The construction, part of an ongoing I-5 interchange project at Exit 24, continued Sunday evening at 7:00.

Representatives from the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) say it will cut traffic to one lane in either direction, causing delays up to two miles both ways.

Construction will last until Memorial Day.

Despite the delay ODOT spokespeople say they’re confident work will finish on time, assuming the ground beneath cooperates.

“Part of the main driver for meeting the deadline is not so much the weather but the soil type, the boulders underneath,” said ODOT representative Gary Leaming.

ODOT recommends using alternate routes or driving on non-peak hours during construction. Once this project is done construction crews will begin the next phase, building temporary on and off ramps for Exit 24 southbound.

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