Rain Chances Rise For Friday

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Although thunderstorms spotted the landscape Thursday afternoon, they were less numerous and less intense than those from Wednesday.  Northern California saw very little activity, and the Klamath Basin saw far less than yesterday.  Although one or two severe thunderstorm warnings were issued, no storm reports were submitted.

This will change for Friday.  A shortwave moving through the area, as well as increased moisture and instability, lays the groundwork for more thunderstorms late tonight and through the day on Friday.  Cloud cover will play a large role in thunderstorm activity.  If we see more cloud cover, that results in less daytime heating, meaning lower instability.  Lower instability means less rising air for thunderstorm development.  If there is abundant cloud cover, then shower activity will be more prominent, producing only embedded rumbles of thunder.  If there is more daytime heating from solar radiation, then we will see stronger thunderstorms, similar to Wednesday.

One thing is for certain, however.  The ridge sets in next week, and temperatures climb into the triple digits.  Both northern California and the Rogue Valley will see highs in the triple digits almost every day next week, excluding the weekend.  The weekend won’t be cool either…highs for both locations will be well into the upper 90’s.

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Chief Meteorologist Kate McKenna