Rain Causing Planting Process Problems

PHOENIX, Ore. — A local pear grower says the recent string of showers is causing some problems for his pear-growing process. Gary Hubler owns Sierra Vista Orchards in Phoenix. He says he’s actually hoping for warm, dry weather.

Right now, the fruits are trying to bloom and the rain can cause “pear scab.” That’s an infection that causes the pears to fall at partial bloom.

“Everything is on a time schedule here … there’s an opportunity to do this, and this, and this, and if we don’t grab it and do it right there at that time, then we may not have that opportunity down the road,” Hubler said.

There are ways to prevent scab, but Hubler said if its windy and rainy, the combative sprays would carry to neighboring homes.

Hubler said the rain would be more welcome later in the season.