Rafting Companies Benefit In Hot Weather

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MERLIN, Ore. — As temperatures rise, so do the number of rafters along the Rogue River.  Orange Torpedo Trips in Merlin said the heat has caused their August rush to come early this year.

Their shed was almost empty, and employees said they were inflating more rafts because of the increase of customers.

“Due to the heat, and everyone is getting ready to go back to school, so they are getting their last minute vacation time in, or sort of doing the bucket list thing for the summer,” said Orange Torpedo river guide, Luke Collins.

Collins has worked at Orange Torpedo Trips for 2 years, and says this year is the busiest by far.

“It was never like this this early on, and then this year, usually when it’s slow it’s been jam packed and it hasn’t slowed down,” said Collins.

The rafting crew is accommodating to the influx in customers.

According to Collins, there is usually one guide assigned to every four customers.  Now they are boosting that number up to five customers to every one guide.  The hot dry weather is impacting the water levels as well.

“The water level isn’t usually this low, and we usually never have this many renters… so come august the water is going to drop even more, and so it will kind of depend on whether or not renters will want to go through with that,” said Collins.  “We’re going to have to run different routes and be more aware of what we are doing down the river in order to be safe for our customers.”