R.E.I. Community Impact

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MEDFORD, Ore. —┬áMolly Guthrie knew she would need a job when she graduated from school on the east coast and decided to move back to Medford.

“I applied to 12 places and heard back from three. R.E.I. was one of the ones to actually give me a positive response” said Guthrie.

Unemployment statistics from July show that Guthrie wasn’t alone in looking for work. Jackson County has an unemployment rate of more than ten percent.

“The minute I got that phone call I was so excited because it meant that I had a future” said Guthrie.

Although the unemployment rate is up slightly from June, the opening of Wal-Mart in south Medford along with future grand openings of stores in north Medford could provide some relief to those looking for work.

Today, more than a month before R.E.I. opens, the new employees volunteered their time with Lomakatsi on the Bear Creek in Medford.

“They can be part of the process of helping reclaim these water ways and help restore these forests” said Niki Delpizzo with Lomakatsi, a non profit group out of Ashland.

“It helps us to continue to educate the public on this important work that we’re doing” said Delpizzo referencing R.E.I.’s $10,000 donation.