Quilts Donated to Local Hospitals

QuietSHADY COVE, Ore. — Each holiday season, patients in Southern Oregon hospitals get an extra measure of comfort.

On Tuesday, a group of women called “Material Girls of Shady Cove” donated 59 completed quits to providence and 59 quilts to Rogue Regional Medical Center. The quilts go to patients who are dying or living with an illness.

“We’ve had thank you notes from people who’ve lost a loved one but it gave them comfort in their last days and then they have a keepsake a home after the loved one has gone and some people have been elected to be buried with their quilts,” said Marian Sugben, with Material Girls.

The quilters never see the recipients because of confidentiality laws and throughout the year, family members are able to pick out the quilts, which range from infant to adult sizes, to take to patients.