Quilters Get to Show Their Work

Sisterhood Quilting ShowMEDFORD, Ore. — This weekend at the Medford Armory, several quilt guilds got the chance to show off their work at the Sisterhood of Quilting Quilt Show.

Quilts with all different types of patterns and techniques were hung around the facility.  Quilters said most quilts have meaning behind them.  They were either made for a person or to remember a certain event.  Now quilts are not just made for the bed. They are being used for decoration purposes too.

“We are finding, as with everything, quilts are kind of changing because people are not only making them to put on the beds, but they are also making them to hang on the walls as artwork, and you will see that a lot in buildings in bigger cities,” said Ellen Eastman with the Sisterhood of Quilting.

Eastman said quilts are also being viewed more as a form of artwork, and quilt shows like this give people interested in quilting a place to go to learn and get ideas.

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