Quieter Weekend Weather, But Fog Returns

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The cold storm system responsible for bringing 12 to 18 inches to the Cascades and Siskiyous, 5 to 9 inches above 2,500 feet, 2-5 inches above 1,800 feet and 1/2 to 2 inches to the valley floors…is moving slowly eastward and out of the Pacific Northwest.

Though the weekend will have more clouds than sunshine, no significant snowfall or rainfall is expected.  The biggest problem tonight and tomorrow night will be black ice that has formed from the melting snow that fell today and from the vehicle weight on snow-packed roads that melts the snow that refreezes as black ice.  We are getting many, many reports of black ice from the Rogue Valley, the Siskiyous, the Cascades and many of the other Western Valleys.

Slow down, give the vehicle ahead of you extra distance and keep both of your hands on the wheel at all times.  Do not talk on the phone, never text while driving and always stop in a safe place if you become drowsy.   If you do not need to travel tonight, stay at home and postpone your errands or travel until the sun is up and helps to melt the black ice to some degree.  As I mentioned, black ice will still be a problem Saturday night and Sunday morning.

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  1. Carl Paulsen says:

    On Friday evening you were talking about a crash in California. You said about a week ago and involved 100 cars. Were you talking about the one @ Anderson Grade south of Hornbrook? That happened a little over 3 weeks ago and involved 60 cars.

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