Quiet Weather into the Weekend

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Another round of fog has settled into inland areas. In the Klamath Basin the fog is not as dense as the past few  days so fog will be quicker to burn off this afternoon. Klamath Falls was able to break out of the clouds & fog yesterday and that should be the case again today. For this reason I have raised highs on the East Side, similar to yesterday.

The offshore wind has come to an end at the Coast but temperatures will still be mild there again today, under sunny skies that many of us inland wish we could see! The West Side will again struggle to break the low clouds & fog. Those areas that do break it will warm into the 40’s, those that don’t will warm into the 30’s. Given the coverage of fog this morning, I am expecting Medford & Ashland to remain in the 30’s & Grants Pass the lower 40’s. If the clouds/fog break earlier than mid afternoon, if at all, than highs will be warmer though.

The high pressure air mass and dry weather pattern over the West is not expected to break into the weekend. A very weak front will approach from our west Saturday but falls apart while doing so. This will only bring clouds to the area, not any rain, and dry weather will then be ongoing into next week as well. It doesn’t look like this pattern is going to change for the next 7-10 days , which means drought conditions will worsen. Hopefully we can see things turn around for February, but until then fire season becomes more and more of a concern. It is important to take precautions now as well and be very aware of how dry the ground, soil & area as a whole is.

Meteorologist Alyssa Caroprese