Quiet For the Rest of the Weekend

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After a morning and an afternoon of scattered showers, conditions are finally starting to calm down. A small upper level disturbance moved into the area Thursday afternoon allowing for some showers to fall along the coast and the Northern Cascades. These showers did not hang around for too long as most had dissipated by 4 p.m. A few showers were picked up on the radar in the Valleys, but most of the precipitation evaporated before hitting the ground. High pressure will stick around tomorrow for Easter Sunday. This will keep dry and warm conditions throughout the day.

Next week is proving to be very active. Showers will start at the coast Monday afternoon ahead of an upper level low moving onshore. These showers will last through Tuesday. Temperatures will also drop anywhere from 10-15 degree after the passage of the first cold front. Zonal flow of the jet stream will be pushing these storms in one after the other. We expect a slight break in precipitation on Wednesday, with isolated showers in most locations. However, we get right back into the rain and snow (yes snow!) by Thursday. A very strong front moving in overnight Thursday will bring heavy rain to most areas as well. Shower activity will persist into next weekend. We are finally going to get some much needed rainfall.

Snow levels will also be dropping as cooler air is rushed in behind the fronts. Snow levels in the upper elevations will start at around 6,000′ on Monday evening. After the front passes levels will get into the 4,500′ – 5,000′ range. Post frontal precipitation will hang around on Tuesday allowing for a rain and snow. Since temperatures will not be below freezing for too long, models are unsure how much snow will stick. This will depend on the rate of snowfall and rate of temperature rise throughout the days. It’s safe to say that any areas up to 5,000 will probably only see a dusting. Higher elevations may see a few inches. As we get closer to these systems, we’ll have a better idea on just how much moisture these systems will bring.One thing is for sure, it’s finally good to see the moisture return to the area.

Thanks for logging on and have a great Easter weekend!

Meteorologist Seth Phillips

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