Quick Action Key in Stroke Recovery

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Medford, Ore. —

Jean Mackey lost many abilities when she had a stroke in January. She said recovery has been a long, hard process, “Not being able to do the very basic things that I always did for my whole life, or 63 years, and suddenly you need help doing everything, you need help brushing your teeth.”

It took Jean 15-20 minutes to get to the hospital. Almost immediately a doctor from Oregon Health & Science University was in the room via the telestroke network. The technology allows doctors based in Portland to quickly work with doctors at Rogue Regional Medical Center.

It helps doctors diagnose and treat the stroke quickly. Dr. Oscar Sanchez, the Stroke Director at Rogue Regional Medical Center said that quick action is key.

He said, “When the blood flow stops in the blood vessel, we start the damage and as the minutes go by the damage is significant.”

Thanks to the quick action of Mackey’s doctors she is on the road to a full recovery, “I will have full use of my hand, I will have full use of my legs and I will golf again!”