Questions Arise Over State Park Audit

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — A recent audit revealed that California State Park leaders knew about $54 million in hidden money. They say the money was deliberately unreported going back to at least 1999.

When the Great Recession forced budget cuts in recent years, the state created a list of 70 parks to close and no one said anything about the hidden money to save them. In some cases, the department used numbers from 2002 to determine which parks to close in 2012.

Officials say some bureaucrats didn’t even know how much it cost to run a particular park. State officials are expected to meet and discuss the audit on Tuesday. Most of the parks employees involved have already resigned or have been terminated. The attorney general declined to press criminal charges, and no parks have been closed.

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  1. Mark Telegin says:

    Castle Crags State Park was on the closure list last year. This park was on of the top 100 best family campgrounds in the United States for 2009 (google it). The state put up closed signs on Interstate 5 to turn away any visitors last year, keeping the park in lock down until after the 4th of July, when families had already made their plans. I’m sure it will look poorly on visitor stats this year due to the count from last year and will once again make the “closed” list. It’s really a shame that the State Parks are not making amends for thier error by using the media to inform citizens of the greatness of our state parks.Castle Crags is the only State Park on I-5 in Northern Calif. and the state is intent on closing it down.

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