Public Speaks on Medford Casino Plan

MEDFORD, Ore. – The public finally got a chance to weigh in on a proposed casino in south Medford, and an overwhelming majority at the Medford City Council Meeting said they were opposed to it.

The council offered a public comment period Thursday night to hear opinions on plans by the Coquille tribe to put land on South Pacific Highway into a trust, and eventually build a casino on that area. Of 12 speakers at the meeting, 11 of them disapproved of the plan.

The reasons varied; some said a casino would create problem gambling and increase crime, others worried it would put businesses with Oregon Lottery Machines out of business, and some other tribes, like the Shasta and Cow Creek, said the Coquille had no claim to the land.

One Medford woman who spoke in favor of the casino plan said the Coquille have a history of providing good jobs to the community.

The Medford City Council said it will take the public comment into consideration when it discusses the plans at their next meeting on May 2.