Public Hearing Held for Taxing District

Jackson County Libraries

MEDFORD, Ore. — Jackson County is still taking steps to create their own library taxing district.  In late December, commissioners approved the request, but now they must hear from county residents before approving the measure.

On Wednesday, Jackson County commissioners held their first of two public hearings, required by law, before approving the measure for the May 2014 ballot.  More than a dozen Jackson County residents showed up to the meeting to voice their opinions.

“It’s very important for us to have that stable funding to allow the libraries to operate in an environment where they are not constantly threatened by closure… where they’re not constantly having to scramble to raise money to keep the libraries open,” said Friends of the Medford Library president, Maureen Swift.

The next public hearing over the library taxing district will be held on February 12.  At the end of that meeting county commissioners will vote on whether to put the taxing district on the ballot.


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  1. Love the Library says:

    Why do these stodgy commissioners believe that the only way to fund libraries is to raise taxes? This is stupidity and reactionism at it’s worst. Time to get creative without raising yet more taxes to fund overpaid county commissioners, library boards, special library commissions, etc., etc.

    Here are only a few suggestions: close the libraries for a few weeks over the course of the year, close three days every month, cut one day a week from the open schedule. Time for these old men to use the brains in their heads and act like they don’t have the money but still have to get the job done. The first order of the day would be to cut their own damn bloated salaries.

    No one responds well to fear. Fear is the old paradigm tactic used to push through an unhealthy and unwise agenda. Don’t issue moronic and childish threats about closing the libraries permanently. If you can’t do the job, you need to go home. County commissioners weren’t hired to raise taxes but to do the best for the community. So far it’s been an epic fail.

  2. Libraries for All says:

    First off, this isn’t a taxing district at all. A taxing district would be if we wanted to designate a specific area of land where new taxes would be allotted to pay for something. Medford has a distinct taxing district, from which they take their funds. What we’re campaigning for the special district, which is a distinct entity.

    There’s a simple difference: The money for libraries will go straight to libraries, never entering the coffers of the county. “Love the Library” is absolutely correct in saying that the commissioners shouldn’t be involved in the process. We will be electing people who will specifically work to run the libraries, and nothing else.

    If this passes, we will never have to worry about funding our libaries again. Already, we’ve had to cut too deep. I’m a student who loves his local library, but I am only able to go to my local library once a week because of the timing cuts. Cutting hours further will just mean that less people have a chance to educate and better themselves through these great public resources. Instead, we need to protect our libraries above all else. They are ultimately our last tool in the fight to better our species after a formal education. Libraries change lives. And it is our responsibility to protect them.

  3. John Smith says:

    Libraries are OBSOLETE just like the post office. You have nothing that the internet doesn’t have. Get over it. Let the users pay for it. Every time you pass more $, it gets wasted, then you want more. Where is the end to over taxing and under using????

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