Public Comment Open For Corridor Project

MEDFORD, Ore. — A multi-million dollar project is hoping to relieve congestion and increase safety along Highway 62.

The project is proposing a couple of changes from exit 30 to east Dutton Road. The Oregon Department of Transportation has been working on the design phase since 2004 and now they need your input.

A 45 day public comment period starts Friday. ODOT officials recieved 120 million dollars of funding from the Jobs and Transportation Act to start the first two phases from Whittle Avenue to Corey Road.

The design plan suggests adding some pedestrian signals, sidewalks, extra lanes and an expressway. Construction is expected to start in 2014. ODOT is hosting an open house for the public at the Jackson County Parks Auditorium on October 17, 2012 at 5 p.m.

You can send comments by written mail or e-mail to Anne Henson.

Oregon Department of Transportation Region 3
100 Antelope Road
White City, OR 97503


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  1. gary says:

    A multimillion dollar project better be going on more than hoping. To much of our money for hoping. I hope it dies if all you can do is hope. A project needs to be based on facts not hope. I am not sure what the answer is but it is not this.

  2. Planetice39 says:

    Maybe you should should read the study and tell us if it provides hope or facts?

  3. DAN says:

    It seems to me after living in this valley for 57 years, everytime they say its going to improve traffic in reality it srews up traffic. I also agree with Gary, 1 Million is a lot of money to throw at a problem and hope it fixs it!!

  4. D.D. says:

    we are not L.A. … highway 62 could be greatly improved by making it a boulevard …where you have the median in the middle and several places to turn to keep traffic flowing in both directions to promote what is a retail corridor already…it is a retail corridor that needs to promote this not hinder with a fast more dangerous noisy highway… traffic needs to keep flowing and have the lights timed correctly and on censors to keep it flowing. There are several examples of this in very condensed cities that work great. Take Woodward Avenue for example the first paved road in America and it still works great all the way downtown to uptown Pontiac with shops all the way on both sides very much like Highway 62…..the money could go to improving the retail corridor , make it more human friendly in parts and faster moving n other parts ….making room for a wildlife corridor Slower in areas for shops to succeed …….quieter to surrounding residences and more beautiful than it is now. A Boulevard with a green median many many places to turn with longer turn lanes to have others keep flowing forward ….the median turn system works! in very condensed areas it allows traffic to flow allows us to get to other sides will improve the shopping experience and prime it for more shops to succeed in the future…..we do not need another highway where everyone rushes by..when we can study and impliment boulevard system that works! ….I dont see the Boulevard system out here for faster traffic but it does work look at Woodward avenue …its fast in center lanes when you need to go faster …the lights are timed and it moves!!! If you need to shop you are in the far right or left make your turns ….it works! Its beautiful and people have a chance to cross as well as animals
    I am against this highway for this smarter alternative that will benefit and promote more businesses to succeed and thrive…into the future

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