Pub Plans on Old Shenanigan’s On Hold

MEDFORD, Ore. — A business owner says the city of Medford has a ploy to keep him from opening up a pub.

The Medford City Council is forwarding a letter to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission recommending a denial of Jeff Rahenkamp’s liquor license for the former Shenanigan’s building.

Rahenkamp is the former owner of Pub Ink and current owner of Phat Kat tattoo.

He believes the city is sending this letter because of several painting violations on his tattoo parlor and Shenenagin’s building.

But Medford Police Chief Tim George cited Rahenkamp’s previous conviction for theft in addition to the painting violations. He also brought to light his landlord’s account of his alleged bad business history at Pub Ink.

“It was just oh, Jeff has these charges from the past. Who cares? They already issued me a license. Why are they even coming up? I thought  we were moving forward from that. So really, the only thing they had to hold me on really was about nine violations,” said Rahenkamp.

“The city ordinance mirrors the same considerations you’re looking at with  the OLCC application. So, in the bigger picture, you’re looking at  reputation, character, criminal convictions,” said Chief George.

Rahenkamp did get his liquor license for Pub Ink nearly a year ago. City council members reviewed him then but decided to take a neutral position at that time.


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  1. TIM says:

    Thank you city of Medford, we don’t need another stinking bar in this town. I went to see Tallboy awhile back, you could not put another person in that place, I would call it way overcrowed, Medford used to be a nice place, ive been here all my life. Now we have a strip club right in downtown, less than 800 feet from a school, less than 1000 feet from a publick park, and less than 600 feet from a poolhall that kid’s play at.Not to say how many other bar’s? Is this what we want Medford to turn into? Mr. Rahenkamp get a clue the city and a whole lot of us dont want another bar there. It has caused alot of problems in the past, and it will again, Why is it that people seem to think to have a good time you have to drink?

  2. RACHEL says:

    Hey, guess what Tim? If you don’t like drinking, DON’T DRINK. If you don’t like strip clubs DON’T GO TO A STRIP CLUB. Besides “The Office” has been there under different ownership/names for well over a decade. It doesn’t have anything to do with Jeff or the bars (that have also always been there). If he doesn’t open up a bar downtown at the old Shenanigans, then someone else will, so what does it matter? Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean that other adults shouldn’t be allowed to do as they please, as long as they’re not interfering with anybody else’s rights. Just because there is a bar doesn’t mean that always equals irresponsibility. I don’t like Thai food in particular, so does that mean I get to piss and moan about Thai restaurants? NO. I just don’t eat there. I’ll go elsewhere.
    I liked Pub Ink, it was a cool place, I was bummed to see it go.

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