Providence Switches To Digital Records

MEDFORD, Ore. – All 12 Providence medical clinics in Jackson County are now electronic. That means all patient health records have been moved to an electronic data base.

The change to the software, called “Epic”, was more than a year in the making and officials say it will make things much easier for both the patients and doctors. Officials say the information can seamlessly be accessed by any of departments within Providence, making communication much faster.

“When they do go into the ER or the inpatient setting part of the hospital, they’re no longer going to be asked by ten different people the same questions because we’re now all under the same system,” explained Dr. Jason Kuhl, a family physician.

Providence Medford Medical Center will make the move to the electronic database in the spring. With the patient’s permission, health records could be accessed at any hospital or clinic in the country that also uses the same database system.