Providence Has New Operating Table

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Recovery from hip replacement surgery has become much faster in the Rogue Valley thanks to a new operating table at Providence Medford Medical Center Hospital.

The table was purchased with funds from the 2011 Festival of Trees and has been in use for about six months now. The table can move to just about any angle making it easier for the surgeon to operate on the patient and for the patient to recover from the procedure.

“The main advantage of this approach is faster rehab.Patients are able to get back to their lives much, much sooner. They won’t require using an assisted device, like crutches or a walker, for more than a few weeks at the most,” orthopedic surgeon Omar Hadi.

Several dozen hip replacement surgeries have been performed using this table so far in Medford and some patients say they were able to return home and walk around the house just a couple of days after the surgery.