Protest Sign Interrupts Holiday Festival

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ASHLAND, Ore. – Tonight’s Festival of Light was briefly interrupted by a protest sign blasting holiday consumerism, just as Santa was addressing the crowd.

The sign was unfurled from the roof of Alex’s, just as Santa was making his appearance on the balcony. Many who saw it say it wasn’t visible until the switch was flipped and the lights turned on.

Once it appeared, it got a reaction from the crowd before it was quickly taken down.

But many, including the owner of Alex’s, still don’t know how it got up there.

“There’s other places and other buildings that are connected where somebody could get up on the roof and do something,” said Alex’s owner Charles Tobey. “But it’s nothing we had anything to do with or support.”

Ashland police say two people were seen displaying the sign, but they were able to escape on foot and slip away into the crowd.

They say the sign itself isn’t illegal. The two responsible could be charged with trespassing, but police say that would amount to a slap on the wrist and it isn’t worthwhile to investigate.


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  1. Jamie says:

    AWESOME! WIN. great sign.

    1. Moreno says:

      Notice that the point of the sign wasn’t mentioned? The sign was calling us to resist consumerism and focus on the spirit of the holidays. Great sign, and a timely message. Bravo! That sign made our family’s day!

  2. Annie says:

    1 has to wonder what the people behind all this degradation has for a goal…if there is 1.
    If the people are druggies, with no moral values, no ambition or inhibitions & hungry since the food is mostly not grown here any more, & even poor Santa is considered evil……just what is the goal?
    As the police often say, “You can’t legislate good behavior”. That is true. Odd that we CAN legislate evil behavior.
    Who really is behind all this activism (the activists are mostly paid, like a job, you know) & what are their long range intentions?
    Just a thought….

  3. Jeff Wheeler says:

    Why do you call this news and give it so much attention. Wasn’t KDRV in Ashland to cover the Festival of Light? If so, why was the news all about the “anti-capitalist” sign. I didn’t see anything about “anti-consumerism” as you reported. Do you think they are the same? If it was so minor and not against the law why report it? You just encourage bad behavior.

  4. christine jones says:

    Wish there was more imformation on what sign said. Friends have asked me and not totaly sure. I was there and wished I took a picture now.

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