Protest Over Kyron’s Disappearance

kyron protestBy Reggie Aqui

(CNN) — It’s been three years since Kyron Horman disappeared from his elementary school in Portland, Oregon. For the first time since he vanished, the boy’s mother confronted the woman she says is responsible for her son’s disappearance.

Desiree Young, the mother of missing Kyron Horman, has long maintained Terri Horman, the boy’s stepmother, knows how her son disappeared. For hours on Saturday, that mother stood outside the stepmother’s home in Roseburg as a sort of protest.

“I just felt like we needed to make a statement to her that Kyron is a priority and were not going to go away and I’m tired of waiting,” said Desiree.

Terri Horman’s mother called 911 to report “trespassing and vandalism”. Terri Horman never showed. Desiree young didn’t think she would.

“I don’t expect three years later for Terri to magically grow a heart and come out and talk to me,” Desiree said.

So what is the point of all this? Desiree young hasn’t seen her son since he disappeared in June 2010 from his school. She’s desperate for answers. She says civility didn’t work. She figures maybe shaming might.

Kyron Horman’s mother also passed out missing fliers around town where she says Terri Horman hangs out. She considers the effort a success and is willing to do it again.

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  1. RJH says:

    Do it again and again. Never stop fighting for your baby.

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