Protecting Homes From the OR Gulch Fire

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ore. — As of Friday night, the Oregon Gulch Fire had consumed three dwellings.  Fire management is careful not to call them all houses, because out on Copco Road, people live in yurts, shanties, cabins, and in large houses.  In addition to the three dwellings destroyed, numerous outbuildings were also burned in the fire.

One of the major concerns is if the Oregon Gulch Fire jumps Copco Road, which would put even more homes at risk.  There are 23 dwellings currently in direct danger.  Extra resources arrived all night, including specially trained structural defense teams from Lake County.

Because of the “Greensprings” way of life, the fires unpredictability, and the natural vegetation, some structures, dwellings, and homes might not be saved.