Prospect Charter Students Plant Saplings

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NEAR TRAIL, Ore. – Hundreds of trees are being planted along Elk Creek to help preserve the fish that travel through it.

Dozens of students are getting a lesson outside of the classroom. A class of fourth and fifth graders from Prospect Charter School are growing their knowledge about trees and their impact on the environment and fish.

Between the students, their teachers and the Upper Rogue Watershed Association, they planted about 300 trees on the bare side of Elk Creek near the Elk Creek Dam. The Upper Rogue Watershed Association says these trees will eventually provide shade for the threatened coho salmon population.

For the class it’s a win-win, helping the environment, while learning how to take care of the land. It’s something, many of theses students have down to an art. Using their green thumbs to add a little green to this side of the creek.

The Upper Rogue Watershed Association says the trees planted on Thursday will also help by taking over invasive plants in the area, like star thistle.