Proposed Tax to Reduce Waists

Drought Increases Food PricesSanta Monica, Cal. — American waistlines have been widening for decades, and researchers at the RAND corporation say cheap food is to blame.
The new research into accessibility to healthier foods is prompting new calls for a tax on unhealthy food.
Looking at data gathered over the past sixty years, it turns out that Americans actually exercise more than we did in the past and we have better access to fresh fruits and vegetables.
But Americans today also have the least expensive food in the developed world.
We only spend a tenth of our income on food, down from 14 percent only 40 years ago.
The RAND Corporation suggests taxing those unhealthy foods as a way to shift people’s eating habits. But they admit that this idea isn’t very popular.
New York City tried to impose a ban on large soda drinks. It was halted by the New York Supreme Court.
In 2011, Denamrk imposed a tax on foods with high-saturated fats, only to repeal it one year later.

You can read the full report and recommendations here.

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  1. Bunny Snow says:

    I’ve got an even better idea! Instead of using some people’s weight as an excuse to get your hands deeper into everyone’s pocket, why not just Fix the food stamp program so that only REAL, HEALTHY, NUTRITIOUS food can be bought with the stamps. No more candy, chips, cookies, soda, or other fattening food unless the company can show they meet certain minimal guidelines for nutrition. Try this plan for 5 years and see how many Americans are too fat. My guess is that you will see a drastic reduction in at least half of all Americans without having to dig deeper into my pocket for your stupid little game! I pay cash for all of my food and can’t afford to buy any of this crap! Why am I buying it for someone else??

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