Proposed Bill Could Affect Dog Owners

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A new bill could change chain laws in Oregon for pet owners. Right now police want you to keep your dog confined to your property, but a new house bill being discussed in Salem could impact the way you keep your dog from running loose.

House Bill 27-83 is designed to stop dogs from excessive barking when they’re chained up and protect them from getting hurt by harmful collars. Local dog owner Chuck Arguijo said his dog, Indie, is only hooked up for an hour at a time each day, but his previous dog was never on a chain and killed three neighborhood cats. So, he’s afraid to give Indie a chance to run free with the felines.

Indie is itching to get out of that 30-foot chain, but while she may be chained up, she’s not barking or bothering anybody. Jackson County Sheriff’s Deputies say in 2012 they responded to 100 dog problem calls in White City.

They turns those calls over to Animal Control. At this point, that’s all Animal Control officers can do. Officers check for food, water, shelter and space, and suggest alternatives to tethering, like fencing.

For some, fencing isn’t feasible. An Oregon non-profit, called Fencing For Fido, provides free fences for dog owners who currently have animals tethered. The group’s leader says they’re looking for someone from Southern Oregon to step up to start a local chapter.

If the bill passes, pet owners won’t be able to use a tether less than 15 feet, keep a dog on a tether longer than five hours, or wear a collar designed to choke or pinch.


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  1. Ed says:

    I live here in west Medford and the people who live across the alley from me have three little rat dogs. They put them out at 4 am and they start barking, and it dont stop all day. I have called animal control, They told me to call the police they dont handel barking dogs. I called the police to complain. I have called about 5 times now and yet im still woke up every morning by these dogs barking. It is clear to me that animal control, and the police cant or wont do anything. I even talked to the owners of the dogs, I dont think they understood a word I said, do to them not speaking english. These dogs are in a fenced in yard, it dont seem it really maters if they were on a chain or not. so I ask what can i do to stop this?

  2. Robert says:

    If people are going to act like that and don’t care about their neighbors, slip the dogs a “mickey”. I refuse to have my peace destroyed and made miserable by thoughtless neighbors and these damn dogs that bark every waking minute. If the city and county won’t do anything and you have tried talking to them, it’s up to you to put a stop to it. Don’t shoot them as this will bring the law down on you and create a huge problem for you.

  3. Jeff Jones says:

    Why is it that we can’t pass a fiscal budget, but we feel we have to infringe upon constitutional rights, we feel that we have to infringe upon all sorts of social and moral values, and we have to rule on how long the tether a person’s contained pet is on?

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