Propane Hose to Blame for Murphy Fire

7-22 jbo house fire

MURPHY, Ore. – Officials with Rural/Metro Fire say a leaky propane hose is to blame for a Sunday evening house fire in Murphy.

That fire left one resident in intensive care, and sent a firefighter to the hospital with extreme heat exhaustion.

The fire consumed much of the house, totaled three vehicles, and left two others with minor to heavy damage.

Officials say it was caused by a propane grill that was leaking gas. After the gas ignited, the fire spread within minutes.

“There was multiple other propane bottles out there. There was, looks like paint thinner, gasoline all out in the same area that ended up igniting and just spreading into the house so rapidly,” said Lieutenant Mike Shaw.

Officials say there’s no official estimate of damage yet, but much of the house is still structurally sound. They say the resident injured is still in the hospital, is likely to recover.