Project Update on Mt. Sexton

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MT. SEXTON, Ore. — With winter weather just around the corner, contractors on Interstate 5 north of Grants Pass are rushing to get as much work done as possible now.

One problem as cropped up that they may not have expected: a slide has developed near the summit where the hillside was blasted away to make a wider lane to accommodate truck traffic. ODOT officials say repairs are on the way.

“Now it’s more exposed and it’s having some effect on the dirt, on the hillside. So some of it came loose in this area. The slide area and so over the next couple weeks we’re going to do repair on that. Possible put in some embankment and fix it up,” said ODOT Spokesman Dan Latham.

That would probably involve placing large boulders on the seepage site to better hold it in place. Latham says the project which was bid as a two year project will be about 90% done when work stops for the season.

Final paving and other work will be completed next spring or summer.