Progress With Labrador Fire in Selma

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SELMA, Ore. — Since the fire started there wasn’t much crews could do about the snags falling from the hills near the Labrador Fire, but they have been able to build contingent lines.

Now, they’re collecting hoses and equipment. One 20 person hand crew is glad to go home for a bit. They’ve been in Selma fighting on ground since the fire started.

“The crews have been doing just an amazing job,” Fire Information Officer, Jeanne Klein, said. “We aren’t just fighting this fire in a standard way meaning we aren’t out on the fire line.”

“The concern, the fire was held up in rough terrain, so we went indirect and we built fire lines away from the fire as a contingency line,” firefighter Blaine Ross commented.

Crews prepped dozer lines and cut away vegetation.

“They brought in the dozer and put in a fire line and we were improving that,” Ross said.

They had help by several air-crafts.

“The fire behavior got to the point where they were really effective with their aircraft so they started working with the heavy helicopters and put it to the bed,” Ross added. “And they put other crews in there to check the fire edge and cold trail.

The team is confident the fire is holding.

“Like I said, there’s contingency,” Ross said. “There’s resources there to make sure or take care of problem areas should they arise.”

And believe those hours they put in, has paid off.

“The main concern of the team and the fire managers were the public safety and that’s what we do, take care of the public,” Ross said. “We want to leave a light footprint and make sure everybody’s happy.”

Though crews are pulling back equipment, they plan to be on stand-by with several engines just in case.