Procedure Reverses Stroke Effects

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MEDFORD, Ore. — Just eleven days after having a stroke, Bryan Swope has made almost a full recovery. An emergency procedure performed when he arrived at the hospital has essentially reversed the effects of his stroke.

On March 20th, Swope collapsed at his home and was found by his roommate who called emergency services. He was then taken to Providence Medford Medical Center where he was evaluated. Swope was immediately rushed into emergency surgery, and had a procedure called a Thrombectomy. In the procedure, Dr. Eric Palmer ran a catheter-like device into the artery of the brain that had the clot and completely removed it.

This was one of the first times this procedure has been performed in Southern Oregon, and doctors say the results were remarkable. Swope spent just four days in the hospital.

He has recovered all major motor skills including walking and talking. He has also returned to his regular schedule as a full-time student.