Private Security Officer Attacked

Private Security Officer AttackedGRANTS PASS, Ore. – As budget problems have forced more cutbacks to public safety in Josephine County, it has meant more dangerous situations for private security companies on patrol. A violent incident Monday night is now being investigated by Oregon State Police.

Jeff Thomas, owner of Concierge Home and Business Watch, said one of his security officers was patrolling an equipment yard along Caves Highway in Cave Junction Monday night. Before midnight, the officer saw two young people inside the yard, and told them to leave. A short time later, she saw the pair inside the yard again. As the officer confronted them, she was hit in the head by a third subject and knocked to the ground. As the subject began punching her, she reached for her gun to defend herself. The three people ran off, and the officer claims one fired a shot at her. She fired one shot back in defense. No one was hit.

The security officer was treated and released from the hospital, and Oregon State Police are now investigating the attack, and the officer’s use of her weapon. According to OSP security officer operate under the same gun laws as private citizens.

Members of the citizens group “Securing Our Safety,” which has advocated for higher funding for public safety in Josephine County, said this incident is the latest example of the cutbacks to the sheriff’s office. Thomason said private security companies should not have to put their lives on the line in the course of their patrols.

“The criminals of Josephine County have little respect for law enforcement,” said SOS member Cliff Thomason. “Now when you have a hired security system, they’re going to have less respect.”

In previous interviews in the past year, Concierge officers have told NewsWatch 12 they have faced more confrontations, and have been attacked and shot at,


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  1. Dean says:

    I hope that people and the members of ” Securing Our Safety” realize that the budget problems can be fixed without more taxes. Just recently our county granted $340,000 to the fairgrounds. Gee , where has that money been hiding? You know there must be more hiding somewhere. Remember that the supreme court ruled it is not up to police to protect you. They only want to catch criminals after a crime has been committed. Meaning you are not any safer with more officers on patrol. Be prepared and protect yourself!

  2. IB says:

    “…patrolling an equipment yard along Caves Highway in Cave Junction…”
    The only equipment yard I know of is the State yard. Has the state resorted to private security services?
    So, who’s house collected the bullet?

    1. Fred says:

      Maybe you need to take a trip to Cave Junction. There is a construction site out there the Security Company was guarding. There are quite a few pieces of heavy equipment on site.
      And because of that, it appears, through the “rumor mill”, as though somebody wanted to possibly take what they could, that did not belong to them. I know, hard to imagine, coming from calm, quiet, nothing ever happens there, C.J.

  3. Phil Davies says:

    The Police and fire dept’s should be financed by the people they protect. Apparently the ‘sense of community’ that we hear about so much only applies to a government function if it involves them giving away food, money, health care, etc. If the govt is going to give those things away, they will have to get the money somewhere.

    1. mark says:

      The private sector has witnessed a major transformation in recent years, with respect to the benefit side to the total wage package. Many of us, including myself, have seen employer sponsored retirement packages reduces or eliminated.

      The money is available to pay for adequate police/fire, et al, as well as a portion of medical coverage. However, John Q. Public is tapped out. The average citizen can no longer afford to pay the generous medical packages or retirement plans doled out to government workers!

      We DON’T need more taxes!
      We need honest, responsible politicians, as well as government unions to read the ‘writings on the wall!’

  4. Another Mark says:

    It makes no sense to me supporting a Sheriff Dept that is based 30 miles away. We here in the Illinois Valley have a Premier fire department covering 150 square miles supported by a tax district. We don’t mind paying for services received. We have great schools too.

    For some odd reason, we pay for police protection but don’t receive said service. Our substation and others in the county have been boarded up for years. All responses now go to the state police who are based 60 miles away!

    Our Sheriff can choose stay at the main station if he has administrative work to attend to, which is a convenient situation to be in if you think about it.

    Now I understand if we pass a Sheriff levy, very little if any will go to patrols. Well this really fries my asparagus! Cave Junction is clinging to life out here. We send money to Grants Pass and never see it again.

    Drop into either end of Grants Pass and you can see where all the money is. It’s always been like that. So the problem isn’t that we don’t want to pay for Sheriff service. We don’t want to pay for the status quo.

    I believe it’s time for the Illinois Valley to support it’s own policing district, just like we do our fire district.

  5. Ed says:

    It looks like she need’s more training on using her gun.

  6. RJ says:

    Well I am glad she will probably be alright. These security folks are doing a dangerous job these days trying to fill a need in our area. I understand that the folks hired by this company are all former military or law enforcement. It appears she was in fear for her life and reacted as I think most would have. Thank you for the risks concierge folks take while our county struggles to provide any law enforcement what so ever.

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