Schroeder To Enter Early Release Program

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MEDFORD, Ore. — A Medford woman who plead guilty to charges related to a fatal car crash could end up serving just half of her prison sentence because of certain prison programs.

In July, Leta Schroeder injured multiple people and killed one person in a car crash on Riverside Avenue. As NewsWatch12 first reported on Thursday, she was sentenced to nearly four years, but the state and her defense cut a deal.

The original Measure 11 offense which was manslaughter, was changed to criminally negligent homicide. This makes Schroeder eligible for early release programs in prison. Schroeder is headed to the Coffee Creek Correctional Facility where she could be entered into two programs: Living In Freedom Today, also called LIFT, and an alcohol and drug program.

NewsWatch12 spoke with the director of Josephine County Community Corrections, Abe Huntley . He said these types of programs make inmates more accountable. They be in classes 7 days a week for several months.

“If there is some behavior change, then again, they’ll be kicked out of the program and not be allowed to go back in. So, they watch them pretty close there and they understand that manipulation is part of that,” explained Director Huntley.

The director also said the programs increase the chances of success for these inmates once they get out. Plus, it creates more space in prison and ends up being cost-effective for the state. Once Schroeder is released, she will be supervised for three years and will have to pay restitution for the damages in the crash.


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  1. Carl Paulsen says:

    Great…kill somebody and get 2 years!!!! What a joke!!

  2. bobbig says:

    mes.11 crime with all charges she should be doing about 25 yrs.but the court s acted like she did no wrong becuse the workers she hit were in our state on visa now back at home where is the justice for these familys she knew what she did and will not change her Iam soooo glad the kids were not home becuse she would of had them with her GOD BLESS TO THE WORKERS AND TO WIFE AND CHILDERN

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